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Hashtags are one of the most important success factors for your Instagram account. They have a significant influence on how many and which users see your posts. They also have a strong impact on the number of likes that users post on your post. With the following tips, you will be able to tag your posts with the right hashtags and generate more likes.

Why hashtags are a relevant factor for success on Instagram

Hashtags determine how and where your post appears on Instagram. In view of the abundance of pictures there, there is a great risk of being lost in the crowd. You can counteract this with the right hashtags. For example, you can secure a place among the “Top Posts” in relation to a specific hashtag and increase your reach. The internal algorithm also plays a role on Instagram. You can use this automated system positively by using carefully selected hashtags. In both cases, you will achieve a better position in the user feed and will be more noticed by your target group. This is essential for generating many likes.

How to optimally place your hashtags

Keep in mind that the hashtags of your post primarily serve your interests. At the same time, there is a risk that users may perceive them as disturbing. This can reduce the willingness to distribute likes. Minimize the spam factor of your hashtags with the following methods or consider Buy Instagram likes Uk.

Separate the hashtags optically from the rest of the image description

Your image description should never consist of strung hashtags. Offer your users added value. Think of a caption that appeals to your target group emotionally and initiates a conversation. This way you can get in touch with the users unobtrusively and increase their loyalty to you and the number of comments. The associated hashtags should optically play a subordinate role. To do this, add a few paragraphs after your description before the hashtags follow. An example:

“This gadget should not be missing on any trip! What is your next travel destination and what is a must-have in your suitcase?
#instatravel # travel gram… “

You cannot insert paragraphs on Instagram itself, so prepare your text in the notepad on your smartphone and then copy it into Instagram.

Post the hashtags as a comment

With this variant, you separate the hashtags from the image description by not inserting them in the actual caption. Instead, you post it as the first comment. Make sure that you only have ten seconds to do this, only then the algorithm can assign the hashtags to your image. Prepare your hashtags under “Notes” here too. You can expand this variant by integrating one of the tags into your image description. This is particularly useful for product-related hashtags. An example:

“Discover the best holiday destinations for solo travelers in our # Travelguide2018 and find out which travel accessories you shouldn’t do without.”

The 15 best hashtags for many likes

In relation to the number of likes they generate, the following hashtags are extremely promising:

1. #love

Universally applicable and relevant beyond cultural and social borders. This hashtag triggers the most likes by far.

2. #instagood

This tag can also be used for almost any type of content. It underlines the positive character of your content and is one of the most searched hashtags on Instagram.

3. #photooftheday

This hashtag should always be part of your keywords. It gives your content topicality and gives the user the impression of being “live”.

4. #beautiful

It can be used for all kinds of content. A product can be #beautiful just like a person. In any case, this hashtag stands for something positive.

5. #fashion

Fashion is a central topic on Instagram, regardless of the gender of the users. This makes this hashtag a guarantee for likes.

6. #happy

An emotion in one word. Versatile and often searched for by users.

7. #tbt

#tbt stands for “Throwback Thursday”. Every Thursday, people on Instagram use this hashtag to take a look at the past days. Make this your tradition on Thursday and post, for example, a look behind the scenes of the beginnings of your brand.

8. #cute

Often used with animal content, this hashtag also fits well with other content.

9. # like4like

This hashtag guarantees a high number of likes, as it promises alike as a thank you. If you use this day for your contribution, you should of course also do it justice and distribute likes yourself.

10. #followme

This hashtag is often used because it reminds users to follow. In addition to your likes, you also increase the number of your followers.

11. #follow

Corresponds to number 10. Thank you regularly for new Instagram Followers Cheap by following them.

12. #picoftheday

Another variant of number 3.

13. #me

You can use this hashtag well if you want to give your brand a personal touch.

14. #selfie

It all started with selfies on Instagram. They are still a predominant part of most Instagram accounts.

15. #summer

Hardly anything triggers more resonance than #summer. Depending on the season, #winter, #fall or #spring are of course also suitable.

How to use these hashtags

Note that the hashtags above are used the most. They are well suited to get lots of likes quickly. However, there is a risk that your post will go under if you use these tags. In addition, you don’t want to reach any users, but members of your target group. Therefore, never use them alone, but combine them with narrower, relevant keywords. These should be more specific and used by no more than 100-150,000 other accounts.

This list is also very general. Depending on the industry, it is worth taking a look at various apps such as “TagsforLikes”. They divided the keywords with the most likes into different areas such as “technology” or “fashion”. There you will find industry-specific lists of hashtags for your posts. It is also important to combine them with other, more specific keywords.


Hashtags are essential for many likes on Instagram. Use our list of the 15 most promising keywords as a basis for your posts. Add more relevant keywords to positively influence the ranking of your posts. Separate the image description optically from the hashtags so as not to scare the users. The result will be an increasing number of likes. This is the first step towards an organically growing following on Instagram.